Serving: Existing Associations & To-Be-Formed Associations

Who We Are?

We are Sodality Health, a company dedicated exclusively to the new generation of health plans serving the unique needs of associations and small to mid-sized businesses and sole proprietorships.

What We Do?

We provide existing and to-be-formed associations with information and comparative data on new association health plan options. We provide up front advice and counsel to foster association health plan analyses and decision-making. We provide on-going advice and counsel on plan administration, changes in technology and protocols and alternatives available through regulatory changes.

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are existing associations with sizable membership constituencies comprising small, mid-size and solo businesses. Small, mid-size and solo businesses who wish to band together into an association to capitalize on these new health care plans.

How We Do It?

Through partners and team members, we have garnered the legal, regulatory, health care insurance, reinsurance and administration expertise necessary to analyze existing plans, create new plans and identify emerging plans.  We are plan agnostic – different plans offer different benefits. We provide the information and analysis necessary to select a plan.

After a plan is selected, we stay involved to provide the advice, counsel and association-level administration necessary and desired to insure a successful plan.  Associations are not in the insurance business, don’t want to be in the insurance business and lack the HR and other administrative support that companies enjoy.

A Thought Leader

We wish to generously and openly share information and data analytics on association health care plans. To that end, this website will soon become a resource for those seeking more information. We are forming a panel of nationally-recognized experts in health care and the issues pertinent to association health plans and its participants.

This panel, supported by a research and engagement staff, will provide periodic reports of its analyses and perspectives as well as a report on new technology and administrative protocols that will aid the delivery and cost-reductions of health care.

    More Information

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    Phone: 602.741.6545

    Although our partners and team members include lawyers, we are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice.  Although our partners and team members include insurance brokers, we are not an insurance broker and offer no insurance plans. We are consultants.

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